Victims or Survivors?

I have at last got to the bottom of the phrase “victims and survivors”. It suggests to me, and I expect to most people, that ‘victims’ and ‘survivors’ are in some way different. The phrase is frequently used by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), and I have seen it in episcopal statements in connection with the Church’s treatment of the late Bishop George Bell’s reputation.

After inquiring via the IICSA’s Twitter account (no result) and by E mail to their press office (no answer, but I had only waited two weeks, and find now that their usual response time is three) I rang IICSA and immediately got the answer from a very helpful official.

It turns out that the two terms are used synonymously, but that some ‘victims’ do not like the term, and prefer to be called ‘survivors’. Similarly, some ‘survivors’ prefer to be known as ‘victims.’

What sort of person chooses which label would make a good dissertation topic for a Psychology student.

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