The Archbishop’s Rocket

The #ArchbishopofCanterbury, Dr @JustinWelby, cannot have been pleased when he heard about the magisterial rocket given to him in his absence on the first day of #IICSA’s (Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse) investigation of the Anglican Church.

Professor @AlexisJay, the panel’s current chairwoman, said that the archbishop had released confidential information, and although she was grateful for the church’s apology, it was nevertheless “most disappointing that confidential matters were shared by the archbishop in breach of the undertaking” which all core participants had signed.

The material to be protected included “details about arrangements for the hearing,the witness timetable and evidence topics” and the inquiry expected everything about it to be kept confidential because it could not “pick and choose what information (core participants) keep confidential and what information they make public in breach of that undertaking.”

You will be wondering by now how Dr Welby had earned this ticking off. Had he revealed the names of complainants or let slip a disrespectful opinion of members of the panel? Even to speculate about what indiscretion he may have committed is painful.

But what the Archbishop had in fact done was to confirm to journalists at a press conference at #LambethPalace that he was to give evidence to the Inquiry, and he had even named the date. @inquirycsa @JustinWelby

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