Bishop George Bell: round two

Rumours have been swirling in #Chichester #ChurchofEngland diocese about Bell 2, the new information (no details released) concerning #BishopGeorgeBell, announced by the Safeguarders on 31 January. It was also announced that someone was to be appointed to investigate and that nothing more would be said until the investigation was over.

The natural expectation would be that, once someone had been found for what may turn out to be an unenviable task, an official announcement would be made, perhaps even by the current #Bishop of Chichester himself. Not a bit of it.

Instead it has been left to rumour, or leak, to tell the world that a certain @GrayGalloway  is investigating, and is already taking evidence.

Let us hope that he will also look into the possibility that ‘Carol’, the original complainant against Bell, mistook him for someone else. After all, one old man in dark clothes must look much the same as another to a child. This perfectly rational possibility of mistaken identity has been much canvassed, but as far as I know never properly examined.

Presumably there will be another Core Group to assist the investigator, and we can only hope that its proceedings will be less shambolic than those of its predecessor, which investigated Bell 1.

Could not the new Core Group provide some reassurance by at least announcing its membership, chairman and secretary? It is time for the public to be able to pin down responsibility.

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