Church non-Transparency

I reported on 5th April that #Chichester was agog with rumours about the #ChurchofEngland’s investigation of its latest batch of secret information concerning #BishopGeorgeBell.

I have now heard authoritatively that the independent investigator has indeed been appointed and has started work, but my request for confirmation of the individual’s name remained unanswered.

The said authority replied to my question about why it had not been announced that the investigator was up and running by saying that “It would not be customary to make specific announcements about operational matters due to the nature of the case…”

Of course appointing an investigator is an operational matter in the sense that it denotes activity rather than indolence, but why the fact of an appointment, and the name and details of the person appointed, should be kept secret defeats me, unless he himself wishes to remain shadowy.

If the “operational matter” concerned someone who was to be dropped behind enemy lines we could all agree-the more secrecy the better. But we are dealing here with someone who is to evaluate information about events that happened at least sixty years ago, if they happened at all.

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