Bishop George Bell: the latest investigator

The #ChurchofEngland has still not announced the name of its independent investigator into the second batch of information about the late (very late: he died in 1958) #BishopGeorgeBell. I gather that an official announcement will be made at some point, but it is not known when that will be.

The existence of the latest allegations was revealed by the church’s #NationalSafeguardingTeam on 31st January, in time to take some of the wind out of the sails of those church members who were planning to give @ArchbishopWelby a hard time at the February #Synod. The material was also starved with #WestSussexpolice, who have said that there is nothing in it for them.

Despite the lack of any formal announcement, it is now possible to say that the investigator is Mr (lately Detective Superintendent) @RayGalloway, who retired from the police force five years ago, and now runs his own investigative company.

When I floated the name Galloway in a blog on 5th April I had been given the incorrect first name Gray, which explains the delay in his identity becoming available.

So far there is no news of his terms of reference, and the substance of what he is enquiring into has been made known only to a very few people. However, it does appear that this time there is no “Core Group”supporting Mr Galloway, which must be a good thing, given the shambolic procedures of the last one, which were so comprehensively exposed by @LordCarlile.

One thought on “Bishop George Bell: the latest investigator

  1. As usual v insightful comment.

    The church’s clumsy confidentiality practices have ended up gagging everyone involved on its side of the argument, resulting in widespread mistrust.

    It’s hard to see an end to this depressing situation.


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