Cloud Cuckoo Archbishop

Archbishop Justin Welby this evening on Channel 4 News urged the country to reunite post-Brexit.

Could he not make a start by promoting unity in his own backyard?

After two exhaustive reports on allegations against Bishop George Bell found that the church’s procedures had been shambolic and the allegations without any legal merit, the Archbishop should have gratefully jumped at the opportunity to close the whole sad affair.

Instead he said that there remained a cloud over Bell’s name, and has since refused to withdraw or apologise for the remark. This has upset many church men and women, some of them influential, and unnecessarily caused angry disunity.

It is never too late. Could he not now concentrate on his immediate responsibilities and help his church to reunite by abandoning stubbornness and issuing a recantation of his ‘cloud’ remark?

One thought on “Cloud Cuckoo Archbishop

  1. I think the real problem is less to do with Archbishop Welby and more to do with the Church of England’s Secretary General William Nye.

    “The crisis of the senior layer of the Church of England is that they haven’t found a way of putting hands up to past mistakes and owning their own failure” ~ ‘An Abuse Survivor’

    One of their biggest past mistakes being, of course, the Bishop Bell debacle. The original investigating team, under the control of William Nye, acted as ‘judge, jury & executioner’ – in other words, acted as ‘a kangaroo court’ – the rule of the lynch mob.

    The IICSA, Alex Carlile QC, Tim Briden, Lord Carey, Bishop Forster, Peter Hitchens, Charles Moore – and the George Bell Group – have already made this abundantly clear.

    “The senior level of the Church of England” have been unable to admit their own failure in this regard – and have resorted to cover-up, obfuscation, scapegoating and smear campaigns.

    This is a ‘cancer’ which is growing out of control.

    A ‘cure’ has to be found – fast – or, as Chistopher Hoare said last February, its Archbishops and Bishops “will be making one of the most profound mistakes in the history of the modern Church”


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